12 Reps of Christmas

Here is a fun at-home workout to help you stick with it over the holidays. Something to help you stay sane whether or not you can get to a gym.

During the hustle and bustle of the holidays sometimes 20 minutes of hard work is all you need to help you clear your head, give you a boost of energy, or just get some alone time.

You’ll complete this workout just like the song, but instead of days and turtle doves, you’ll count reps for various bodyweight and dumbbell movements.

All you’ll need is a pair of light- to medium-weight dumbbells, some water and a mat!

12 Reps of Christmas

So, here’s what you’ll do:

Round1: Start with 1 Man-maker
Round 2: 2 Dumbbell Thrusters, 1 Man-maker
Round 3: 3 Thruster Jumps, 2 Dumbbell Thrusters, 1 Man-maker

and on until the last round…

Round 12: You’ll complete the prescribed reps of all 12 exercises in the list. Start with 12 180 Squat Jumps, 11 Burpees with Chest-to Ground…. end with 1 final Man-maker.

Complete all 12 Rounds as fast as possible, resting as needed.

Demo’s and explanations of some of the exercises listed above:


Dumbbell Thrusters

Thruster Jumps

Plank Jack with Spiderman
*Perform one plank jack then bring your knee to meet outside your elbow on the same side. You’ll do this on each side and then go back to a plank jack.

Jump Lunges

Tuck Jumps

Renegade Row with Kickback


Planks with Twist

Burpee with Chest to Ground

180 Squat Jumps

One thought on “12 Reps of Christmas

  1. Wow- can’t wait to try this one and am also dreading it! Seems like something I could even do when I get home after work late at night. I typically like to swap my tuck jumps out with high knees of a proportionate amount of time (30 secs?). What do you think about making that change?


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