Weekly (Holiday) Workouts

This week was a little different for me, as I’m sure it was for most everyone. I tried my best not to change up my workout routine too much. I definitely had to get creative with my workouts given the fact that I wasn’t near my normal gym, but I always feel better when I have a routine, even on vacation and holidays. Especially on vacation and holidays.

Helping yourself to extra food and drinks during a break does not have to derail your healthy lifestyle. There is a reason you eat healthy most of the time! That being said, keeping up with workouts can help you feel better about the extra treats.

Here’s what my unconventional week of workouts looked like:

Monday: Flex City Fitness class
I’ve talked about this before, but this is one of the newer workouts I’ve added into my rotation. I’ve been trying to go about once each week. It’s always a great workout that includes plenty of cardio and strength training.

From their website: “We incorporate cardio, strength training and flexibility into each and every class. The intensity of our method and calorie-scorching 56 minutes leads to effective, noticeable results.

One of my new favorites!

Tuesday: Teach (take) Total Body HIIT class
60 minutes of sweat! My classes always include a warm-up, a HIIT portion (the longest part), REPS challenge ( 3 rounds of 3 exercises, completed as fast as possible), and cool-down of ab exercises.

Wednesday: Back into the Gym
Started my workout with some deadlifts. I’ve been following Wender’s 5-3-1 Strength Program, which you can read about here. This is the second time I’ve really committed to this program for some of my major lifts, and I love it! It’s all about following the program, tracking your numbers, and watching your progress. Here’s a good article on the program.

Also, a snapshot of the spreadsheet tool I created for tracking my progress. It also automatically calculates the weight for each set based on your estimated one-rep max for the lift. Interested in giving it a try? Send me a message.

5-3-1 Snapshot

As you can see, I am in my second month of the program and Wednesday was the 2nd week of that phase. A new personal best of 10 reps for 225!

** I knew after the first half of the week I’d have to adapt my workouts so I pushed pretty hard those first three days.

Thursday: Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5K
For the 4th year in a row I ran early on Thanksgiving morning in Downtown Detroit for their Turkey Trot race. This is the one race of the year where I run purely for fun – it’s nice to just enjoy the huge crowd, the energy, and pretend like all the spectators on the streets are there to watch you instead of the Thanksgiving Day Parade that follows 😉

Turkey Trot

Friday: Home Workout
Being home for the Thanksgiving weekend meant back to my “home” gym. When I’m at my parents, I have a limited amount of equipment to work with but I still have the essentials (at least for me). A treadmill, a barbell with an array of weights, and a set of dumbbells. I’ve gotten creative enough to also find surfaces that I can use for box jumps and pull-ups.

Here’s the first part of my workout: Complete as fast as you can – Rest as needed.

Run 1 Mile – Challenging Pace (9.0 for me)
Then 3 Rounds:
x10 Push-up to Frog Hop
x10 Dumbbell Thrusters #20
x10 Bicep Curl to Press #8

Run 1 Mile (again 9.0)
Then 3 Rounds:
x5 Push-up with Renegade Row #20
x10 Plank with Twist
x10 Goblet Squats #40

Run 1 Mile (9.0)
Then 3 Rounds:
x10 Plank Jack with Spiderman
x10 Mt. Climber
x10 Straight Leg Deadlift to Bent Row – Dumbbells #20

Saturday & Sunday: Home Workouts
Again with limited equipment, but I still managed to get in a couple great workouts. Saturday I started with this set to warm-up and work up a sweat. Try to complete this under 20 minutes – use weight appropriate for you. 30 reps should be challenging but not impossible.

Run .3 Miles (as fast as possible)
x30 Thrusters
x30 Reverse Crunches
x30 Deadlifts
x30 Box Jump Burpees
x30 Deadlifts
x30 Reverse Crunches
x30 Thrusters
Run .3 Miles

Sunday’s workout focused more on barbell complexes (<– more on those coming soon!)

Finally…. A workout you can do at home or the gym! The challenge here is in the rest periods. For each pair, complete in TABATA format – that’s 20 seconds Exercise 1, 10 seconds Rest, 20 seconds Exercise 2, 10 seconds Rest – Repeat for a total of 4 Rounds.

Make your way through 3 pairs in this format with NO ADDITIONAL REST. Then, rest 1 -2 minutes and complete 2 pairs NO ADDITIONAL REST. Rest another 1-2 minutes, complete 2 more pairs NO ADDITIONAL REST. Rest 1-2 more minutes and then finish with 1 final pair. It’ll be tough but shoot for it!

Shoot for It

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