Happy HIIT

Sometimes when I plan a workout in advance, either for myself or for my class, I let my mood at the time determine what an upcoming workout will look like. Often, when it comes time to actually do it, I don’t feel motivated to complete what I had planned. For the most part I still enjoy getting the chance to exercise and work up a sweat, but workouts are always better when you enjoy what you’re doing while you’re doing it (minus the pain).

Sometimes choosing today what you will enjoy tomorrow just doesn’t work. In honor of that, what I’m sharing today is all about choosing what will make you look forward to your upcoming workout, it’s Happy HIIT.

Happy HIIT

This workout lets you pick your work/rest ratio with a number of rounds, in addition to the number of sets you’ll complete. Then, choose your favorite exercises to plug in to the formula. Pick what suits your mood when it’s time for the workout – do what makes you happy!

Pick First: Work/Rest Ratios and Number of Rounds

  • 45/15 for 2 Rounds (4 Minutes)
  • 30/10 for 3 Rounds (4 Minutes)
  • 20/10 for 4 Rounds (4 Minutes)

Pick Second: Number of Sets to Complete

  •  Regardless of what you picked for your work/rest, each set will take you 4 minutes to complete. (This does not include any additional rest time after each set)
  • I recommend a minimum of 3 sets. If you rest for 1 minute between sets, you’ll be done in 15 minutes
  • 6 sets and 1 minute rest between is a 30 minute workout
  • 9 sets will take you 45 minutes
  • If you’re up for a challenge and have an hour, try all 12. It’ll be one heck of a sweaty hour but definitely worth it.

Pick Third: Exercise Pairs

  • The movements have been paired together strategically so avoid mixing pairs. Pick what will make you happy!
  • Set 1:Burpee with Tuck Jump/ Plank with Frog Hop
  • Set 2: Starter Jump Lunges/ Plank with Twist
  • Set 3: Burpee/ Elbow Plank with Leg Lift
  • Set 4: Burpee with 180 Squat Jump/ Push up with Renegade Row
  • Set 5: Plank Jack with Spiderman/ Thrusters
  • Set 6: Mt. Climbers/ V-up
  • Set 7: Jump Lunge/ Side Plank with Twist
  • Set 8: Jump Squat/ Walking Plank
  • Set 9: Burpee with Push-up to Overhead Press/ Side Plank with Dip
  • Set 10: Push-up to T/ Pop Squat
  • Set 11: Skaters/ Plank with Shoulder Tap
  • Set 12: Tuck Jump/ Hand Release Push-up


  • Some movements may require dumbbells or some form of resistance. If you’re looking for a no-equipment workout, you can omit the resistance from the movement or simply skip over to the next set.
  • Some movements are unilateral (meaning you’re working one side more than the other) If your sets have you completing 2 or 4 rounds, just switch sides each round. If you’re doing 3 rounds, switch sides halfway between each round.

Remember, working out should make you happy! Of course some days are harder than others, but if you don’t feel good about your workouts, it’s time to find another form of exercise that leaves you smiling.

Share your workout below!

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