What happens in Vegas…

I just got back from a long weekend in Las Vegas celebrating a birthday and a reunion with both of my sisters. We had a wonderful time and as I’m sure you know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Everything besides a great workout, so I’m sharing that with you today.

My weekend away was a good mix of everything – catching up on sleep and then staying up late, indulging in some delicious treats and some great workouts. Most importantly fun and laughs with both of my beautiful sisters!

Here are a few great work sets that are perfect for hotel gyms, or even at home if you’re in need of some inspiration. Add in 1 or 2 at the end to round out your normal workout, or try them all for a full-body mix of strength and cardio training.

Try your best to move through each set as fast as possible. Rest as needed for the amount of time that feels right for you.

Set 1: 4 Rounds (moderate weight, I used #20 dumbbells)
x10 Thrusters
x5 Push-up with Plank Jack
x5 Plank with Frog Hops
x10 Mt. Climbers

Set 2: 4 Rounds (moderate weight, I used #25 dumbbells)
x5 Push-up with Renegade Row
x5e Weighted Step-ups
x5e Plank with Leg Lift to Spiderman

Set 3: 4 Rounds (moderate weight, I used #25 dumbbells)
x5 Dumbbell Clean to Push Press
x5e Weighted Reverse Lunges
x10e Side Plank with Hip Dips

Set 4: 4 Rounds (moderate weight, I used #20 dumbbells)
x5e Reverse Lunge to Bent Row
x10 Thrusters
x10 Burpees

Even the most barren of hotel gyms usually have a treadmill. They don’t have to be fancy to kick you in the pants. Speed is the name of the game for this killer workout.

I picked 5 different sprint speeds and then played around with work/rest ratios and multiple sets to nearly knock myself out before I moved onto some strength training. Here’s what it looked like:

Sin City Sprints

For the sprints, rest as needed between speed sets (20-30 seconds, or longer!) and adjust the speed to suit you. Scale the speeds for each set. So, for example, if your max speed is 11.0, I’d suggest resetting all other speeds by .5 less. If your max is 10.0, try decreasing all speeds prescribed by 1 full mph. Take some time beforehand to find your max speed. Remember – each of these is a SPRINT so even your lowest speed should reflect that.

Try this at home or next time you’re on the road!

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