HIIT Challenge – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Two words: Free. Candy.

I love celebrating Halloween. I love the decorations, the costumes, the season, and, yes, the candy! I am not above indulging in a fun-size candy bar or two (or 7). Whenever I know I will be enjoying a few extra treats, I always like to make sure that I get in an extra-sweaty, extra-tough workout.

As you give this workout a shot, keep your goals in mind. This is supposed to be TOUGH. As you work your way through, if you start to feel like taking some extra rest or slacking on your form, don’t forget what you’re working for! Even if it is just few extra Reese’s pumpkins!

In the workout below you will set your timer for 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. 4 Rounds for each Set. I’ve prescribed NO REST – that means no extra time between sets.

  • Exercise 1: 30 on/10 off
  • Exercise 2: 30 on/10 off
  • 4 Rounds, then move immediately into the next set and repeat.

Compound exercises and little rest, paired with plenty of plyometric movements, make for one great workout. It’s not just scary hard, it’s Spooky Scary.

Spooky Scary HIIT

If you have questions on any of the movements, you should be able to find some very helpful, short videos through a quick Google search.

Grab a friend (I suggest finding someone to get through this with you) and give this workout a shot…if you dare!

What will you do this workout for? I’d do this workout 5 times for this brownie….

Nutella Brownie Tart - How Sweet Eats

 Peanut Butter Nutella Candy Bar Brownie from How Sweet Eats

Happy Halloween!

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