HIIT Challenge – Pyramid Work

Here’s the thing about HIIT workouts, no matter what the format, they are always a challenge – at least if you are pushing yourself and your limits. Fortunately, the more you practice the “better” you get. I’m not saying the workouts get much easier, but you won’t find yourself needing as much rest time and you can push yourself harder to complete more reps and move faster through your work periods. All this is great, and you will notice your progress comes quickly – BUT as you continue to progress, you may find yourself craving that initial challenge you were faced with when you first started HIIT workouts.

Variety is the name of the game if you want to feel that challenge again. I’ll start a short series of new HIIT workouts that play around with work periods, rest periods, weight/resistance, and introducing new movements.

Here’s a new one for you to try. For this one you will stick with EITHER a 20/10 work-to-rest ratio OR a 30/15 work-to-to rest ratio, 4 rounds for each set of movements. For my example, let’s say you choose TABATA (20/10), in that case the Pyramid HIIT workout below will go like this:

– Start at the top left corner with the set of 3 movements combos. You will do Jump squats with Heel Tap (20 seconds), rest (10 seconds), Push-up with Row (20 seconds), rest (10 seconds), repeated 4 times.
-Once you have completed 4 rounds move IMMEDIATELY into the second combo for 4 rounds, followed by the third for another 4 rounds.
-Do not take any additional rest in between all 4 rounds of each of these 3 combos.
-Once you see the word “Rest” you can take a 1 minute break.
-The pyramid comes into play because after this break you will complete 2 combos (for 4 rounds each) without any additional rest, then take a 1 minute break, and finish with 4 rounds of the last combination.

As you can see you’ll do 3 combos with no rest, to 2, to 1, becoming more fatigued as you go, but with a decreasing amount of work.

-After you’ve done the pyramid on the left side, move to the bottom right corner of the graphic, and work your way up.
-Repeat the same format – 4 rounds of each of the 3 combos with NO ADDITIONAL REST.
-Take a minute, then move up to the stack of 2 combos with no rest.
-Break for a minute, then finally complete the last combination (Mt. Climbers & Burpees) for 4 rounds.
Pyramid HIIT


Remember, if you want an extra challenge, push yourself to try 30 second work periods.

Did you notice progress in your stamina and strength after starting HIIT workouts? Do the workouts seem “easier”? Try this workout then let me know – was it challenging?

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