Weekly Workouts

Even though we are past Monday, I still have a long week ahead. Work and “life” (whatever that means) have been busier than usual lately. In order to keep myself from getting too overwhelmed I am making a list of things to look forward to this week and beyond. For me, that almost always includes workouts. Before I start looking too far into the week ahead, here’s what this past week’s workouts looked like. It was a good week!

I got in my usual early morning gym workout.

Military Press
Hammer Curl
Cable Rope – Tricep Push-down
Barbell Bent Row
Bench Press
Cable Straight Bar – Pull-down
Reverse Grip Barbell Bent Row
Skull Crusher to Close Grip Bench Press

Ab Finisher: 3 sets of 10 reps, each
Hanging Knee Tuck
Roman Chair – Straight Leg Lifts
Hanging Straight Leg Raise
Roman Chair – Scissors

Taught and worked out with my morning HIIT class. I switched it up from our normal routine and it was tough! I actually shared a portion of this workout on the blog before. Here’s what the rest looked like:

No Rest TABATA – 2 times through each set

  1. Burpee with Tuck/ Push-up to Row with Dumbbell
  2. Jump Lunge/ Plank Jack with Spiderman
  3. Burpeee with 180 Jump/ Elbow Plank with Leg Raise
  4. Tuck Jump/ Push-up to T with Dumbbell
  5. 180 Squat Jump/ Mt. Climbers

EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) for 10 Minutes

x5 Burpees
x5 Dumbbells Squats
x5 Sit-ups
x5 Push-ups
x5 Thrusters

I rarely do EMOM workouts, either for myself or for my classes, and I’m not really sure why. They are deceivingly hard! They work like this: Set your timer for 1 minute intervals, press start and immediately complete 5 reps of each exercise above. Whatever time left you have in the minute will be rest. When 1 Minute hits, you start over. Rest again with any remaining time and repeat when the 2 minute timer goes off. You’ll go on like this for a total of 10 minutes (10 rounds). You will probably find that your rest periods get shorter and shorter as you become more fatigued. Ideally, however, you aim for the same amount of rest for each round, even as you tire out.

I also took a HIIT class at my local gym that evening. These tend to be a little less intense than the class I teach in the mornings, which is perfect. After a tough morning workout and a long day of work I don’t have as much to give. I like these evening workouts to clear my head and to make sure i’m nice and tired before bed.

I didn’t get in a usual morning workout since I had to be to work early. I knew I had a tough workout ahead of me for the evening. I was interested to see how I would feel doing my first workout of the day about 12 hours later than usual. It was a great workout but it confirmed what I already knew; I far and beyond prefer morning workouts! As a morning person that’s when I have the most energy and I also get a lot of energy, both physically and mentally, for my day when I get my workout out of the way in the morning. I felt antsy all day and felt like I might not have enough energy to get the workout done.

I managed to get myself to the workout. For the third time, I made it to Flex City Fitness for a class. I discovered the new studio near me and gave it a try for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was a great workout so I purchased a small package on sale during their grand opening event. The workouts are similar in style to the type of workouts I program for myself. They are about an hour in length and combine cardio with strength training in high-intensity sets. In any one workout you will likely use treadmills, spin bikes, Bosu balls, TRX ropes, and some bodyweight training.

Back to the gym in the morning – it will always be my favorite time/way to workout.

Warm-up Set: 3 Rounds
Row 250 Meters
x3 each Single-Arm Dumbbell Burpee Push-up to Bent Row #35
x25 Jump Rope Double Unders

Set 1: Clean Complex at #65, #85, #95, #100 & #105
x3 Hang Power Clean to
x2 Hang Squat Clean

Set 2: #95 Barbell, 3 Rounds
Thrusters x3
Front Rack Reverse Lunges x6

Set 3: #85 Barbell, 3 Rounds
Thrusters x4
Front Rack Reverse Lunges x8

Set 4: 3 Rounds
Inverted Body Rows x5
Front Squat #105 x5

Set 5: 3 Rounds
Dumbbell Lateral Raises #10 x12
Dumbbell Front Raises #10 x12-alternating
Barbell Overhead Walking Lunges #40 x20

Back to the gym. I often throw in 10 minutes or so of sprints for a warm up or finisher but it had been a while since I focused a longer set of sprints.

I based my workout on this.

Run for Fun

Completing 4 TABATA rounds for each set, resting 25 – 40 seconds between each set. Enough time to adjust speed and include, and to catch my breath.

Below is my workout formatted to show Speed – Incline  – Work/Rest ratio.

For the rest periods, I always just step to the side of the treadmill, leaving the tread running. Be sure you are comfortable doing this at a lower speed (jumping off and back on) before you try it at faster speeds.

  1. 6.0 – 15% – 20/10
  2. 7.0 – 12% – 20/10
  3. 8.0 – 9% – 20/10
  4. 9.0 – 6% – 20/10
  5. 10.0 – 3% – 20/10
  6. 11.0 – 0% – 20/10
  7. 6.5 – 13% – 20/10
  8. 7.5 – 11% – 20/10
  9. 8.5 – 8% – 20/10
  10. 9.5 – 7% – 20/15
  11. 10.5 – 5% – 20/15
  12. 11.5 – 1% – 20/15
  13. 12.0 – 0% – 20/15

You can see that towards the end I was getting pretty tired. I increased rest periods to 15 seconds. Feel free to play around with speed and incline. My treadmill maxes out at 15% incline so that’s my limit there but I also know that my personal speed max for a 20 second sprint is about 12.0. My speed/include sets varied based on those parameters.

I highly recommend the sprint routine. I think this took me around 30 minutes, though it will vary based on your rest periods. To spare you more numbers I’ll just say that I also included 30 minutes of strength training following the treadmill time.

Despite a late night of work I got up early for a big workout. I think this was the 3rd time or so that I’ve joined New Species Crossfit for GoRuck training. You can learn more about GoRuck here and more on New Species here. The first hour of the class is generally spent completing a “typical” workout, though you are challenged to either wear your weighted ruck, or backpack, or use it as weight for the prescribed workout. My pack was roughly 35 pounds. On Saturday our workout included thrusters, sit-ups, burpee pull-ups, and running – all with the ruck.

The second hour of the workout is spent “rucking”. Basically walking with your ruck on, either completing a challenge as a team or covering a certain amount of distance for time.

Since I wasn’t tired enough after that I decided to hit the gym again for some weight lifting. Again, to spare you more numbers, I did another 30 minutes of weight lifting and hit a new PR! I got up to #265 on Deadlift with the HEX bar. Still not quite to my goal of #265 on the straight bar but it feels good to make progress.

To stick with my goal of running 1 5k per month through the spring and fall, this was my last chance to get a race in for the month. I woke up early again to make my way down to register and race. I didn’t set a PR, in fact I was over a minute off, but I managed to get a 1st place overall win with a time of 19:48. I was happy enough with this time and happy to get in a race before the month ended.

Like I said, this was a good week of workouts for me. After the past couple weeks of feeling a little off (less energy, less enthusiasm and less motivation), it felt good to get in a strong week of gym time. I credit it to the variety of different gyms and classes, and new teachers and workout partners to push me and keep things interesting. Hopefully you found some inspiration here to get to the gym and try something new!

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