Back to Work: Day 2

Ok, let’s get right to it. Here is today’s new HIIT workout.

PrescribedBurn HIIT

First, depending on what equipment you have available or what you feel comfortable using, you will need a single heavy dumbbell or can substitute with 2 moderate- to light-weight dumbbells. Modify the weight to suit you!

Then, set your timer (or just get a clock with a second hand) for 4, 1-minute sets. The rest is built-in so you don’t need to set separate rest periods.

Follow this format for each set:

Start with 30 seconds of Exercise A #1
Immediately follow with 10 reps of Exercise B #1
Any time you have remaining in your minute is REST.
When the minute hits, move onto the next set (#2, #3, #4)

It should look like this:
30 seconds 180 Jump Squat then 10 reps of Deadlift to Upright Row. Rest until 1 minute hits.
30 seconds Burpee then 10 reps of Thrusters. Rest until 2 minutes.
Repeat until you’ve done all 4 sets

You can complete anywhere from 1 full round (4 minutes) to 5 full rounds (20+ minutes). I recommend 1 – 2 minutes rest between each round.

Let me know how it goes. If you are confused, leave a comment and I will answer. I am working on getting an exercise index up, that will include pictures, videos and demos!

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