Vacation Workouts Recap

I just got back from a full week of vacation! It was wonderful. I was in Canada (Quebec, mostly) with no cell service or WiFi available. No distractions and no need for a phone, which also unfortunately means that I didn’t take a single picture, except for a couple of failed attempts at a GoPro…

Anyway, it was great to be away from work and normal life for a bit. I spent a good portion of my time reading and catching up with friends but I was lucky to be with a group of people who like to work out (almost) as much as I do. We also happened to be staying at a beautiful place with plenty of things to do to keep active, and lucked out with some awesome weather.

As I’ve mentioned before I don’t like to use my vacations as break from exercise and always do try to get in some type of a workout or sweat even though it might not look like a typical week in the gym.

Here is a weekly rundown of the workouts we managed to sneak in!


We were at a camp site this day. No trails for running but there was a picnic table…
     5 Rounds
     x10 Push-ups
     x10 Tricep Dips
     x10 Plank w/ Twist, alternating
     x10e Bulgarian Split Squats
     x10e Step-ups
     3 Rounds
     x6 Push-up to T, alternating
     x12 Air Squats
     x12 Jump Lunges, alternating
     x12e Side Step-ups
     x12 Standing Crunches, alternating

We also got in about 45 minutes of canoeing on the lake.


Stayed at a hotel this night. There was no gym so I looked at a map and headed out for a run. Not really sure how much ground I covered but ran for about 35 minutes. I found a park on the route so I stopped to get in 30 pull-ups. I usually try to break-up a large chunk of pull-ups like this by doing sets of max reps until I hit my target number. Rest in between each set. For example: 8,6,5,5,4,3… you get the picture.


Probably my favorite day of a structured workout. I started the morning with a 2.5 mile run and then my good friend Samantha led a group of us through a TOUGH HIIT workout. The set up was 45 seconds on/10 seconds off for 10 exercise. We went through the set a total of 3 times before her “bonus” 4th round; the same moves for 30 seconds on/10 seconds off. We were all beat by the time the bonus came around so despite it being shorter, it only felt marginally easier. I don’t remember all of the prescribed exercises but I REALLY enjoyed this workout. It was especially challenging for me since the time sets were a little longer than I normally program for myself and Sam incorporated more compound movements than I usually choose for HIIT. A couple examples:
  • Perform 10 standing High Knees, Drop down and complete a push-up, Stand up, Repeat
  • From a plank position, Complete 2 plank frog hops on each side, Jump your feet back together and complete 2 plank jacks, Repeat
  • From a plank position, Complete 10 Mt. Climbers, Jump feet back together and bring your knees into your chest for a plank tuck, Jump your feet back into plank, Repeat
We actually managed to get in a final round of ab-targeting exercises. I lead the group through this great burn-out ab set I often do at home. Give it a try!
150 Rep Ab Burner

We spent the rest of the day on the lake! I brushed up on my rusty wakeboarding skills.


Another fun group workout! This one was a little different but once again made use of intervals to get us sweaty in a relatively short amount of time. We didn’t have a ton of equipment to use while away but between us we came up with a few exercise bands and jump ropes. Plus some nice heavy rocks we found 😉
     3 Rounds
     x20 Rock Thrusters
     x20 Burpees
     .25 Mile Run
     2 Rounds, 1 Minute Each
     Band Rows
     Band Curls
     Band Reverse Fly
     Rock Shoulder Press
Ended with abs again!


I took myself through a workout this day. Again, I started with another 2.5 mile run and then completed a TABATA style workout similar to this one. I also got in some slalom water skiing later. I never fail to be amazed at how tiring it is to ski! I can always feel it in every tiny little muscle I don’t normally hit in the gym.


Another workout lead by someone on the trip. I could get used to not having to think for myself…
We had a day of beach volleyball planned so we went light on legs. This workout was also deceivingly hard. It’s a chipper style workout – you work your way through all the reps for each exercise by chipping away in whatever order or variation you choose.

Here’s what was prescribed:

x100 Squat
x100 Push-ups
x100 Band Rows
x100 Side Crunches – each side
x5 .25 mile run
x20 25 yard plank walks

Here’s how I broke it down:

     5 Rounds
     Run .25 Mile
     x20 Rows
     x20 Squats
     x20 Push-ups
     x20e Side Crunches
     x4 Plank walks

This is a workout you could easily adapt to do ANYWHERE. If you wanted to make it completely equipment free, sub tricep dips for the band rows.

We forgot to set a timer but probably finished in just under half an hour. I was definitely tired but had enough left in me for a couple hours of beach volleyball, which I LOVE.


No formal workout today – we did Via Ferrata.
Via Ferrata is a form of clipped-in rock climbing, using cables handles and beams to scale to the peak. There are Via Ferrata courses all over the world. Check out more on the one we did here.

Leaving the campsite earlier in the week we saw some ants (people) high up on a rock face, climbing to the peak and decided we had to do it. I’m so glad we actually got it in before our vacation ended, it was amazing! I now have the itch to try courses in other parks/states/countries. The entire course, all the way up and back down took around 5 hours. We did get a couple 10 minute breaks for snacks and water but it was definitely a great workout. Between the upper body strength for climbing and hiking both up & downhill, I was exhausted by the end.


Our final day away, which was actually a travel day. I was happy to get moving before spending most of the day in the car. We were at another hotel with no gym so I went on a 30 minute run around the hotel and then completed the ab burner I posted above.

I had a wonderful vacation! It felt great to stay active while away but it was even better to spend the entire week having fun and relaxing with friends.

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