Weekend Snapshot

This post is a little more light-hearted than my usual but is just as fun for me to share. This past weekend was one of those great weekends where I got to spend time fitting in everything I love. Lots of family, friends, food, fun, and of course a couple workouts.  Let’s recap…

Friday: After work I met up with my boyfriend for a couple drinks at our favorite bar. After a crazy week at work I wasn’t looking for much more excitement. We headed back to cook dinner, which was a totally last minute decision but quite delicious! A huge greek salad came together quickly after a stop at Trader Joe’s for all the supplies. Romaine and mixed greens topped with lentils, chickpeas, beets, red onion, cucumbers, feta, kalamatas, roasted red peppers, and some chicken tenders that I seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano and cooked quickly over the stove in some olive oil. The dressing also came together quickly by whisking up fresh lemon juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and fresh chopped oregano and garlic. Healthy, filling, and really hit the spot.
Side note: I live about half a mile from a Trader Joe’s. It’s not an exaggeration to say I visit 4 times a week, every week! Both a blessing and a curse…

Saturday: Since I’m used to 5 AM wake-up calls throughout the week, my idea of sleeping in is anything after 6! I got up Saturday and started my morning by whipping up a loaf of paleo banana bread. I followed PaleOMG‘s recipe for Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread, though I swapped out the coconut flour for half almond meal and half whole wheat flour, only because it’s what I had on hand. After patiently waiting for the bread to bake and enjoying a warm piece from the oven, I headed to the gym for a workout.

TABATA Hill Sprints:
6.0 mph @ 15% incline x 4 sets
7.0 mph @ 13% incline x 4 sets
11.0 mph @ 5% incline x 2 sets
10.0 mph @ 7% incline x 2 sets
9.0 mph @ 9% incline x 2 sets
8.0 mph @ 11% incline x 2 sets

Set 1: 5 Sets
Squat Clean to x5 Front Squat #95
Bent Plate-to-Chest x12 #45

Set 2: 5 Sets, #65 Barbell
Hang Clean x5
Front Squat x10
Push Press x5

Set 3: 5 Rounds
Ground to Overhead with Barbell x6 #65
Bench Burpees x8
Pull-ups x6

Set 4: 3 Rounds
Thrusters with Barbell x4 #85
Ground to Overhead with Plate x4 #45
Overhead Walking Lunge x8 #45

After the gym I met up with my parents and grandma at a new breakfast spot. It’s a tradition my dad and I have to try a new breakfast spot around town whenever we meet up. There is usually a good amount of research and Google g-chatting that happens throughout the week to decide on a place. This time it was Rose’s Fine Food on Detroit’s eastside. It was a great second breakfast with plenty of carbs, protein and even some greens. Check out their menu – cool twists on classic breakfasts. I got the Poodle Platter.

Two poached eggs over sautéed garlicky greens, with spiced potatoes,
and slice of toast luxuriously dressed with house ricotta and jam.

Next up, my not-so-shameless admission. Casino and cats! We hit up Detroit’s Greektown casino for an hour or so and then I headed off with my mom to our favorite animal rescue and adoption center. While I can’t have a cat of my own, I make it a point to visit and give plenty of love to all the cats and kittens looking for homes at New Beginnings Animal Rescue. We could have spent our entire afternoon there but alas, we pulled ourselves away….for a cocktail.

In need of a little pick me up, we headed over to a bar in Royal Oak, Town Tavern. I got the Yellow Jacket – cilantro and jalapeno tequila, mango juice and meyer lemon. I love the spicy/sweet/bitter combo.



We met back up with my dad shortly after and spent some time walking around and wandering the shops in downtown Berkley. All the walking made us thirsty again so we headed back to Royal Oak for a beer at the newest brewery, ROAK. I’ve been back there a few times now but they keep a good list of rotating taps so it’s nearly new every time I visit.

After our beer, I said goodbye to my parents and headed to the movie theater to meet up with a friend to see The Gift. We agreed that neither of us are fans of scary movies but I convinced him that this was technically a “suspense”. I ended up covering my eyes and screaming out load a couple more times than I’d like to admit, but the movie was great. Enough suspense but nothing too scary.

It was a tiring, but wonderful day. And another bonus – one more weekend day left 🙂

Sunday: I “slept in” again and got ready for what I figured would be a tough workout. I agreed to let my boyfriend train me, so I met up with him at the gym where he works not really sure what to expect except that I know the feeling of training someone you’re close with – you have very little mercy.

I knew I was in for it after I was breathing HARD after the “warm-up”. The basis of the workout was TABATA sets and the punching bag. Mix that with sled pushes, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, burpees, and band-resisted sprints, among other things, and you have yourself a real sweat-fest. Here is a snapshot of what we did.

After an hour and a half in the gym we were both pretty hungry and headed out for lunch. Soon after we parted ways and I headed to my parents house. The rest of my Sunday included lots of laundry, a nice long walk with my mom, a delicious grilled chicken and veggie dinner, and some QT on the couch gearing up for another busy week.

I am already looking forward to another weekend like the last. I think I already have a new breakfast spot in mind…

IMG_4551(Picture by: metrodetroitfoodie)

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