Workout Inspiration

In need of a little workout inspiration? Check this out.

I don’t always do HIIT workouts. I also love and firmly believe in the power of weight lifting for strength and power gains, for muscle hypertrophy, for weight loss, and just because it feels damn good to lift something heavy! That being said, I do try to spice up strength training with some added cardio & speed.

I generally stick to early morning workouts. I like to get my main workout done and out of the way for the day, if I’m going to the gym the crowds are small and, most importantly, it’s what feels best for ME. If you like evenings, late nights or even a lunchtime workout, go with what feels best for you! I am definitely not a night owl, and most certainly an early riser. I try to get to the gym around 6 AM on weekdays and put in between an hour to an hour and a half of work before packing up.

Here is an example of what a “typical” morning in the gym might look like for me. A number of shorter sets with minimal rest in between.

WARM UP: I start with a quick but dynamic warm-up. A typical routine is a walk/jog on the treadmill coupled with some shoulder rotation/stretching, lunges and side steps, and working on range of motion through the hips.

RUN: Like I’ve said before, a run is a sure-fire way for me to work up a sweat and get into the groove to prep for a good workout. I did sprint this time for about 15 minutes.

WORK: With each set, the goal is to complete all rounds as quickly as possible. Rest as needed between rounds. Take longer rest between each set.

Set #1: 4 Rounds
Barbell Thruster x6 #85
Chest to Ground Burpee x6
Bench Jumps x12

Set #2: 5 Rounds
Hang Clean to Press + 2 Lateral Hop Burpees #65
Hang Clean to Press + 6 Reverse Lunges

Set #3: 3 Rounds – This is a Barbell Complex, Drop bar only after each rounds, #65 Bar
Hang Clean to Front Squat
Push Press to Back Squat
Push Press to Hang

Set #4: 4 Sets
Front Squat x6 #95

Set #5: 2 Sets
Overhead Walking Lunges with 45# Plate x20 alternate, Start & End each set with Bent Plate Rows #45 x10

NOTES: Use weights that work for you and modify reps if needed. Or, flip the sets and try higher volume (double the reps) with lighter weight (cut it in half).

Printable graphics for Sprints plus Sets #1 & #2. Enjoy!

Workout Inspiration

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