Working Out – While You’re Away

I just got back from a long weekend away. It was wonderful! I spent lots of time in the sun, in the water, and nose deep in a new book.
FullSizeRender (1)

However, I generally don’t see my time on vacations as time off from my workouts. Mainly because I don’t think of workout’s as “work”, rather fun, and secondly, because vacations usually involve more dessert, wine, and food than usual. It’s nice to at least start the day with a sweat.

That being said, vacation workouts are a little different for me since I’m generally without a gym or much equipment. Here is a workout you can do anywhere – no equipment needed, inside or out. I did this one on Friday morning of my trip. It was a nice, fairly quick workout, I could do with absolutely no equipment. I warmed up with a 5 minute run and after, threw down a beach towel for some lakeside ab work.
(I shared the hand-written photo of this workout on my instagram @prescribedburn on Friday morning after I completed the workout)
No equipment, Vacation Workout

In addition to formal workouts, I usually look for other ways to stay active during time away. I love to be outside walking, biking, exploring, etc. On Saturday morning, I signed up for a completed a 5k in the small town we were staying. It was a smaller race – no big prizes or hoopla –  but it was a great way to see the sights and also get in a workout before the rest of the day! Not quite a PR but not bad – I came in 1st overall with a time of 18:47.
Timberfest 5k
Here are some other tips for staying fit (and keeping sane) while away:
  • Jump ropes can make for a great workout and travel easily. I suggest investing in a good, quality rope that will last.
  • Same goes for a resistance band!
  • Workout in the morning – you have more pressing adventures for the day – and that includes relaxing! Getting your workout done will take the pressure off.
  • Find other ways to stay active. Go for a walk through town. Hike a new trail. Rent a bike or a kayak. There are a million ways to stay active without doing a formal workout.
  • Have fun – you’re on vacation!
Everyone needs a break from working out – it’s necessary in order to let your muscles rest, recover, and rebuild stronger than before. If you use your vacation time as planned rest – don’t feel guilty.
But, if you’re like me, and you like to stay active while away, don’t let a hotel gym with little equipment or even a tent in the middle of the woods scare you off. An easy, effective workout can be done anywhere!
And you should definitely have an ice cream cone each day you’re away!

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