The Best Remedy

No matter the problem, sweat is always the best remedy.

I often utilize HIIT style training in both my own gym workouts and in my classes. It’s a surefire way to work up a sweat. Plus, not only is it an effective way to train quickly and get the most bang for your buck, but to be honest, I get bored easily and this is a good way to keep my A.D.D at bay.

Don’t know what HIIT is? Read up on it here, here, and here.

To kick it off, here is an example of a standard workout. Get a mat (if you want – or at least a towel), set a timer (I use a free app on my phone – you don’t need anything fancy), and grab some dumbbells. I will include modifications where applicable but please know that whether or not you choose to use dumbbells or the weight you choose is up to you!

PUSH HARD – this shouldn’t be easy – but it is fast, effective and you will be sure to feel great after!

The Best Remedy Post 1
Some notes on format. Much of this will follow in later workouts.
  • Each “set” is a letter and consists of 4 rounds. A round is as follows:
    • 20 seconds exercise 1
    • 10 seconds rest
    • 20 seconds exercise 2
    • 10 seconds rest
  • Each set should take you 4 minutes. Rest for up to a minute when you’ve completed all 4 rounds and move onto the next set.
  • Unless otherwise noted, DO NOT do a push-up with your burpee. Don’t worry, we’ll get them in somewhere!
  • All plank variations should be performed with palms on the ground unless it says otherwise.
  • Perform a stationary squat (lunge, hop, etc.) if you aren’t comfortable with the jump.

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