Build-Up HIIT

Another installment of no-equipment-needed HIIT for your myriad of needs. Including, but not limited to: A. Making yourself cry B. Making other people cry C. Mentally and/or physically exhausting your combat enemies D. Getting in a really great, full-body, do-anywhere workout E. Impressing people and leading them to believe that you are a ninja warrior I am mostly… Read More Build-Up HIIT

Firecracker HIIT

Well, only about a week late on this one but…life. This is the perfect Monday workout. You know, after a weekend of froyo, french fries, beer, sleeping in… Everyone knows the best way to jolt you back to reality is with a sweaty-gasping-for-breath-can’t-feel-your-legs-workout. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way. Enjoy! To complete this workout you’ll… Read More Firecracker HIIT