Sweet Summer

Oh, summer. Don’t leave me! I created this workout as a final ode to summer, something that can be done anywhere (outside preferably), with no equipment, and leave you dripping in sweat. Is there anything better?? Don’t answer that. Usually when I’m doing these outdoor workouts, and especially during hot summer days, I like to have a… Read More Sweet Summer

Build-Up HIIT

Another installment of no-equipment-needed HIIT for your myriad of needs. Including, but not limited to: A. Making yourself cry B. Making other people cry C. Mentally and/or physically exhausting your combat enemies D. Getting in a really great, full-body, do-anywhere workout E. Impressing people and leading them to believe that you are a ninja warrior I am mostly… Read More Build-Up HIIT

Firecracker HIIT

Well, only about a week late on this one but…life. This is the perfect Monday workout. You know, after a weekend of froyo, french fries, beer, sleeping in… Everyone knows the best way to jolt you back to reality is with a sweaty-gasping-for-breath-can’t-feel-your-legs-workout. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way. Enjoy! To complete this workout you’ll… Read More Firecracker HIIT